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The Club welcomes new members and membership is open to everyone over the age of eighteen. You do not have to be, or have been, a serving member of the Armed Forces to become a member.

We are however affiliated to, and licensed by, the Royal British Legion. Membership of the RBL is mandatory if you are to be a Club member. Where we are unable to confirm membership we will be asking members to show their RBL LIVE ON membership cards. Club membership may be suspended if members cannot produce it so please carry it with you.

How do I join and how much does it cost?

The majority of our members join both the Royal British Legion (RBL) and the Club at the same time and our membership packs, available in the Club reception area, contain application forms for both. Forms may also be downloaded from this page.


The membership fee for joining the RBL is £20.00, renewable annually. Methods of payment are detailed on the application form. You can also join the RBL online HERE

RBL Club
RBL Application


Joining the Broadstone RBL Club costs £17, which includes a joining fee of £6.00 to cover administration costs and a membership card which activates the door entry system as well as providing access to a loyalty discount on drinks at the bar.

We ask for cash or cheque payment when joining. The annual renewal fee for the Club is £11.00 (increasing to £13.00 from October 2022) and may be paid by Bank Transfer if you prefer.

If you do not know members to sponsor or second your Club application, leave these spaces blank and we will help to resolve this.

RBL Club
Club Application

What about family members and guests? Members may be accompanied by their spouse or partner and children / grandchildren at no additional cost. Up to 2 guests may accompany a member at any one time with certain restrictions - see rules for further detail.

If you need help or further information, see our contact page.


If you have recently renewed your membership and have a card that is past its expiry date, you may collect your new one from the bar. You MUST return your expired card in exchange for the new one. As well as continuing to offer member discounts at the bar, the new yellow membership cards will also now open the door by simply holding the card near to the white reader next to the swipe reader. You do not have to remove the card from your wallet.

RBL Club
Club Renewal

A temporary Club membership card can be purchased for visiting friends or relatives at a cost of £5.00 for two weeks, payable in cash.

Lost Cards:
Due to the increasing cost of replacement for a high number of lost cards we have been forced to introduce a £5 replacement fee. Please look after those membership cards!!

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Club GDPR Statement

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